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Steps to take after Water Damage Occurs.

March 17, 2014

Whether its a water pipe that has broken, a washer hose that has come undone or any other incident that caused water damage in your home; the first action to take is to shut off the main water line to your home. Your main water line should be tagged "Main Water Shut Off", that way anyone in the home can find it and turn it off if need be. The second step you need to take is call a professional restoration company to professionally clean up the mess, the sooner you do this, the less damage that is going to occur. There are several of these companies in Wooster and surrounding areas.

Once you know the professionals are on the way, you can start to clean up as much of the water as possible. You can do this by mopping up or blotting the wet areas. You can also remove rugs or other floor coverings that aren't attached to the floor. Do not remove carpet, the professional company should be able to clean the carpet without removing it, if not they will let you know. Also, you can move photos and other wall hangings in damaged rooms to dry areas. If you have furniture in the damaged area, put aluminum foil under the furniture legs to prevent them from being damaged or staining the carpet they are sitting on. You can also open any cabinets or drawers that might be in the room, this will help with drying.

Do not enter a room that has standing water until the electricity has been turned off. Also, don't try to sweep up the water with a regular household vacuum or other electrical appliances.

Fianlly make sure you call your insurance agent to  inform them of what happened so they can turn in your claim. It is important to know before hand what coverage you have for water damage and what deducible applies, so you won't have to tackle the clean up costs alone.

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