Farm Insurance 

Hancock Insurance represents Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, the second largest farm insurer in the state of Ohio. Ohio Mutual has been specializing in farm insurance since 1901. Whether you own a small farm with five acres; a horse farm, dairy, hog or poultry operation; or a large family corporation with thousands of acres, Ohio Mutual Insurance Group can provide the coverage you need for your home, buildings, farm personal property and liability under one policy.

Pollution Coverage

Pesticides and herbicides used in farming can be harmful to both people and the environment. There can be accidental spills, overuse, runoff and with changing winds these chemicals can be dangerous to people who live close by. This is why Pollution Coverage is included on all of our farm policies. The coverage does not only cover the cost of clean up of these pollutants, but also provides coverage for the farmer if the chemicals being sprayed on the fields are breathed in by other people, maybe a neighbor, and cause bodily harm.

Equipment Breakdown

All farms have circuit breaker panels, electrical distribution systems and transformers subject to electrical breakdown. Air handling and air conditioning systems are often subject to failure. Various motors, pumps, gearboxes, machine shop tools or welders are often found throughout a typical farm. Production equipment such as milking machines/milking parlors, feed mixers, dryers and elevators sometimes have expensive robotics or computer controls.

We understand the importance of protecting the equipment that keeps your farm going. Our equipment breakdown coverage is available on every farm policy to do just that.

Farm Personal Property and Farm Structures

Replacement cost or ACV

The difference between Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value is simple. Replacement Cost is an endorsment available on our policies that at the time of a loss will pay the owner of the policy the amount it takes to repair or replace the damaged property minus the owner's deductible without deduction for depreciation of that property. Actual Cash Value is exactly how it sounds. The amount paid out to the owner is the cost to replace or repair the damaged property minus the deductible and depreciation.

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