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April Showers Bring May... Mold?

Ahh... it is so refreshing to open the windows in April and let that fresh spring air in.  Picture yourself a month from now, cleaning the dust bunnies off the window sills, letting the breeze that comes after a spring rain thaw your cold, resentful heart that only an Ohio winter could foster. Read More...

Steps to take after Water Damage Occurs.

Whether its a water pipe that has broken, a washer hose that has come undone or any other incident that caused water damage in your home; the first action to take is to shut off the main water line to your home. Your main water line should be tagged "Main Water Shut Off", that way anyone in the home Read More...

Cover the GAP When you Buy a Vehicle with a Loan.

Bill just bought a brand new vehicle and he is taking his new ride on a weekend getaway. Friday night he and his wife pull onto State Route 30 looking forward to a quick retreat from Wooster. Bill glances down at the radio and turns the dial to a jazzy tune. As he looks back up, BAM! A deer slams in Read More...

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